Developing as an Educator

A workshop for trainees interested in developing their skills as a medical educator

As a doctor, teaching is a regular and very important part of your professional role. In this interactive workshop, you will be given opportunity to understand some key theories behind teaching and learning, as well as a chance to apply these theories and develop your skills as a teacher through practical activities.

The workshop will cover the following areas of practice:

  • Principles of effective teaching and learning
  • Successful ways of teaching ‘on the run’ in the clinical context
  • How to use workplace based assessments as learning opportunities
  • How to give feedback in order to coach for change.

Through this short course, you will become a more confident teacher, and will be encouraged to think about ways of continuing to develop your expertise as an educator in the clinical setting. Successful completion of the workshop will enable you to receive a certificate showing that you have achieved competence in Domains 1-4 of the Professional Development Framework for Clinical and Educational Supervisors.

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25th September 2017

DEPOSIT FEE: £32.45 will be refunded upon attendance at the event. Refunds for cancellations will only be processed up to 1 week before the event takes place. If a cancellation takes place within the period of 1 week before the event, the £32.45 deposit fee will not be refunded.