Professional Development Framework

Professional Development Framework Course

Price: £85 per day


This two day workshop covers the seven domains of the professional development framework for accreditation of educational and clinical supervisors.

Day one covers domains 1-4, 7 and day two covers domains 5-7.


Who should attend?

These workshops should be attended by recently appointed educational and clinical supervisors requiring accreditation and more experienced supervisors who have not been on these courses before. UCLPartners trainees in their penultimate and final years of training are also encouraged to attend.

What’s covered?

Domains 1-4, 7 workshop topics covered include principles of effective teaching, establishing learning needs, planning teaching and learning episodes, teaching methods, analysis of a teaching episode, giving feedback – principles and practice, teaching with patients, overview of work-based learning tools, assessment for learning, Managing the learning environment and building a portfolio for accreditation

Domains 5-7 workshop topics covered include clinical supervisor vs educational supervisor roles and scope, review of recent research, structure for an educational appraisal session and peer appraisal of the portfolio. As well as exploring and defining the challenges, early warning signs, exploring possible causes, roles and responsibilities and consequences in relation to managing trainees in difficulty.


Please note that the General Medical Council requires Educational Supervisors and named Clinical Supervisors to be accredited in domains 1-7.


To book please click on a date below:

15 June 2017 – Domains 1-4 and 7

27 June 2017 – Domains 5-7

3 October 2017 – Domains 1-4 and 7

20 October 2017 – Domains 5-7


Please note that a full refund will be given for cancellations up to 1 week before the event. After this time we will not issue refunds.


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