UCLPartners is the Lead Provider for Anaesthesia training in North Central and North East London as well as parts of Essex and Hertfordshire. Two Schools of Anaesthesia deliver this training, which are the North Central School and the Barts and the London School. Both have a long record of offering first class training programmes which are tailored to the needs of the individual trainee whist ensuring the whole of the Royal College of AnaesthetistsRCoA) curriculum is met. There are a multitude of training opportunities and additional experience available in both District General Hospitals, Teaching Hospitals, and specialist centres. Trainees choose one of the two schools at recruitment but under the UCLPartners ‘umbrella’ there is flexibility to allow trainees to work across the placements in both sectors. We have regional teaching at higher and post fellowship level as well as research opportunities and specialist fellowships. Simulation training is provided as part of the training programme at all levels. The School Coordinators are the trainees’ day to day point of contact; Miss Georgina Johnson North Central Coordinator E   Mrs Lucy Hamer North East Coordinator E

Training Programme Management Commitee (TPMC) Chairs

Dr Lila Dinner

Anaesthetics TPMC Co-Chair/TPD


Dr Chris Sadler

Anaesthetics TPMC Co-Chair/TPD

Training Programme Directors (TPDs)


Dr Lila Dinner , North Central –

Dr Dominik Krzanicki , North Central

Dr Catherine Shaw , North Central

Dr Chris Sadler, North East

Dr Adam Wantman, North


Dr Robert Self – OOP

Dr Helen Drewery – Higher Anaesthetics Visit Lead –

Dr  Sarah Chievely-Williams – Recruitment

Trainee Representatives

LTFT Trainee Reps

Claire Miller and Rebecca Flower –

Dr Kate Grailey 

Junior Trainee Rep Barts and The London


Dr Parvesh Verma

Intermediate Trainee Rep Barts and The London


Dr Hannah Smith

Higher Trainee Rep Barts and The London


Training at UCLPartners (A trainee representatives perspective)

In August 2013 I was voted in as trainee representative for Barts and the London School of Anaesthesia following a school-wide democratic vote conducted by the trainees. This privilege has been, so far, an incredible experience and one that I would encourage other trainees to undertake at some point in their career.

Barts and the London School of Anaesthesia is fully focussed on ensuring the highest level of training for all of its trainees and this is unerringly echoed by UCL Partners. During this time UCLP have been instrumental in not only incorporating trainee representatives from both the Central and Barts and the London Schools of Anaesthesia on to pertinent discussion panels, but have also been overwhelmingly receptive to trainee views attempting to accommodate them where possible.

As trainee representative I look forward to collaborating with UCLP to ensure quality anaesthetic training for the future.

Dr Mevan Gooneratne (FRCA, BSc)

UCLPartners Training Programmes Manager (TPM)

Ms Laxmi Harding


T  0203 108 2321

Health Education South London (HESL) Operations Officer

Miss Aman Bhathal 


T   020 7866 3262

For rotations, ARCPs, OOP.