Core Psychiatry Training

North East London
East and North East London are exciting areas to train in. Both NHS trusts are highly successful, yet very different extending from the City of London out towards suburban Essex. The inner London boroughs are ethnically diverse and changing rapidly. There is an excellent MRCPsych course based at Bart’s Hospital.

North Central London
We provide high quality training in a compact area in all psychiatric specialities. Our clinical supervisors are dedicated to training, and we have a long-held excellent reputation. We provide experience in busy clinical jobs, have a high pass rate in exams, put all trainees through a developmental post (child and adolescent or learning difficulties). As well as this broad grounding, we have some truly exceptional experiences, for example at GOSH, Queen Square, and the Tavistock Clinic – international centres of excellence. Links to UCL’s academic department means we can offer opportunities to those interested in research.

Training Programme Management Committee (TPMC) Chair

Dr Andy Soutter

Training Programme Directors (TPDs)

Dr Andy Soutter (NELFT)

Dr Dewi Pritchard (ELFT)

Dr Bhaskar Punukollu (C&I)


Dr Helen Moorey (BEH)

Trainee Representatives

Dr Robert Freudenthal




Dr Abu Shafi

UCLPartners Training Programmes Manager (TPM)



T 0203 108 2321

Health Education England (HEE) Operations Officer

Rotations & Local Education Providers (LEPs)

North East

The rotation covers East and North East London including: Tower Hamlets (community sites, Mile End Hospital, Royal London), City and Hackney (community and Homerton), Newham (Community and Newham), John Howard Centre (Forensic), Goodmayes hospital and community sites in Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham.

For further information contact: Loraine Thompson arranges placements.

North Central

Your first two six-month posts will be in general adult (or perhaps one in old age) psychiatry. After the first post we run a system of allocation each six months, determined by trainee-choice, training needs, as well as other factors

For further information contact: Tommy Coyle

Regional teaching information

North East

The MRCPsych course is a one-afternoon a week course based at Bart’s Hospital. It is arranged via East London

North Central

MRCPsych course every Tuesday afternoon run by UCL Brain Sciences

Simulation teaching

North East London

Simulation training is provided in NELFT as part of the induction training for all new trainees starting CT1 posts.

Simulation training provided through ELFT contact:

North Central London

Communication skills in years one and two. Clinical exam practice in year 3.

Academic training opportunities

North East London

There are links to QUML via Prof Stansfeld and to the Academic Unit at Newham in ELFT via Prof. In NELFT there is a weekly Clinical Skills Lab for Medical Students which offer the Core Trainees teaching experience.

North Central London

We have posts for ACFs (appointed separately) coming onto the training programme.

Areas where there are opportunities are:

  • Neuroscience and mental health
  • Randomised controlled trials
  • Dementia
  • Mental health of older people
  • Psychosis
  • Common mental disorders
  • Psychiatry of intellectual disability
  • Psychiatric epidemiology and social determinants of mental health
  • Social psychiatry and rehabilitation psychiatry
  • Mental health and palliative care
  • Psychiatric genetics and molecular psychiatry
  • The interface between physical and mental health

Specialty specific research and special interest opportunities

North East London

There are wide-ranging research and more specialised posts including perinatal, psychotherapy, liaison, chronic fatigue and forensic psychiatry. Research topics include epidemiology and transcultural psychiatry.

North Central London

Physical health in serious mental illnesses, social psychiatry, Primary Care Psychiatry, Schizophrenia

Education Fellowships

North East

There is an Educational Fellowship of 1 year at ELFT, suitable for trainees after CT3.

Contact Dr Sandra Evans

There is an Educational Fellowship of 1 year at NELFT suitable for trainees after CT3 contact Neetu Nandra