Forensic Psychiatry

Welcome to the North East London forensic psychiatry training scheme. There are plenty of opportunities available to you as a trainee in the scheme and I hope you enjoy your training with us.

Training Programme Management Commitee (TPMC) Chair

Dr Mary Whittle

TPMC Chair/TPD and Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
020 8510 2014

Training Programme Director (TPD)

Dr Mary Whittle

Trainee Representative

Dr Matt King

Training at UCLPartners (A trainee representative's perspective)

The UCLPartners training scheme in forensic psychiatry is a rotation that provides trainees with great opportunity to gain experience in a full range of forensic environments. The trainees are encouraged to gain working experience in forensic environments with different levels of security (low, medium and high) and diverse populations as well as in prison mental health.
The training scheme has the opportunity to work in highly specialised forensic environments such as a therapeutic community and learning disability services.

This is a very popular rotation where trainees gain skills, competencies and valuable experience in assessment and management of both mental disorder and risk.

The scheme is linked with the Violence Prevention Research Unit in Queen Mary University, which provides trainees with the opportunity to participate in one of the existing research projects or conduct their own research.

UCLPartners Training Programmes Manager (TPM)


T 020 3108 2321

Health Education England (HEE) Operations Officer