Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine training is actually a dual Certificate in Geriatric Medicine and General Internal Medicine.  Most geriatricians are proud to embrace the wide range of illnesses that affect persons that happen to be elderly.  They are equally happy to manage illnesses that occur because someone is more elderly.  This may seem a strange thing to say but most geriatricians are clear that our specialty is not just general medicine for persons over a certain age but a specialty where we holisitically manage a person and their range of illnesses as well as having some conditions that are unique to our specialty.

Why train as a Geriatirician?  The decision is always personal but many are attracted to the variety of ailments.  Some are attracted by the clientele. Some by specific illnesses such as dementia and frailty. Some are attracted by the range of different careers geriatricians can take with their completion certificates.

Currently within our region we have Consultants who train in general geriatrics and have interests in Acute Geriatrics, Admission Avoidance Geriatrics, Care Home Medicine,Community Geriatrics, Continence,Falls and Syncope, Complex Heart Failure, Movement Disorders (Parkinsons), Oncogeriatrics,  Rehabilitation, Psychogeriatrics, Stroke, Orthogeriatrics, Management, Teaching and Perioperative Medicine Geriatricians.

One key finding in studies is the benefits of a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment by a Geriatrician or Geriatrician in training to improve the life and health of persons with multiple health problems so our holistic approach is evidence based!

Recent initiatives to improve the health of our ageing population means there is plenty of work to be done and many hospitals are employing more Geriatricians so our specialty is future proofed

Training Programme Management Commitee (TPMC) Chair

Dr Cianán O’Sullivan


Training Programme Directors (TPDs)

Dr Cianán O’Sullivan –

Dr Catherine Harvey –

Unit Programme Directors (UPDs)

Dr Nadeem Aftab (Colchester Hospital) – 

Dr Deblina Dasgupta (Homerton Hospital) –

Dr Keren Davies (Royal London Hospital) –

Dr Sam Qureshi (Barnet Hospital) –

Dr Simon Green (Whipps Cross Hospital) –

Dr Catherine Harvey (UCLH) –

Dr Luke Hounsom (Basildon Hospital) –

Dr Ahmed Ishaque (Broomfield Hospital) –

Dr Kris Warren (Newham Hospital) – 

Dr Gurcharan Rai (Whittington Hospital) – 

Dr Nick Rollitt (North Middlesex Hospital) –

Dr Melanie Romain (Royal Free Hospital) – 

Dr Abdul Malik (Lister Hospital) –

Dr Donna Walker (BHR) –

Trainee Representatives

Dr Corrinne Quah –

Dr Aisha McClintock-Tiongco –

Dr Lucy-Anne Frank –

Dr Anna Steel –

Training at UCLPartners (A trainee representatives perspective)

Geriatric Medicine is an exciting and rapidly growing speciality. Disease in old age is challenging, combining multiple co-morbidities with illness presenting in unusual ways, complex social, ethical, palliative care and communication skills. However, in doing so, it also makes it a fascinating and rewarding specialty to learn, train and work in.


The Geriatric Medicine training is for a total of five years (combined with Internal Medicine). There is a range of subspecialty experience, including, orthogeriatrics/surgical liaison, memory services, movement disorders, continence and stroke. For those wishing to gain further experience in stroke medicine, there are opportunities to apply for an out of programme experience year. Trainees are currently provided with details for the full five years, at the start of their programme.


Being part of UCLPartners, allows access to the wider academic health science partnership. Additional educational opportunities are available, with training days held across the region. Geriatric Medicine specific simulation days are also held (orthogeriatrics and palliative care)


Exciting initiatives and projects are continuously taking place across the sector to improve care for older people both in hospitals, and in the community. UCLP offers a fantastic prospect to train in one of the most interesting and dynamic regions in the country

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