The North London Neurology Training Programme is one of the largest in the UK encompassing the neuroscience centres at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square, Charing Cross and linked hospitals in west London, Bart’s and the Royal London and their linked hospitals, and the Royal Free Hospital. The programme provides unparalleled training opportunities with exposure to all of the neurology subspecialties, often in world renowned departments. The neuroscience centres in the programme include the most active centres in the UK (16,700 Inpatient Episodes per year and 140,000 outpatient attendances at NHNN alone) and a complex case mix with a high proportion of tertiary referrals.

Trainees are encouraged to take time out of programme for a higher degree, usually a PhD, an opportunity taken by most trainees on the programme. The close links with the UCL Institute of Neurology and Imperial College ensure that trainees are exposed to the latest developments of clinical science and provide extensive research opportunities. This academic and clinical integration, one of the strengths of the programme, is of great benefit to trainees wishing to engage in research in an OOP-R or continue existing research projects while completing clinical training, for example in an academic training post. For example the newly opened £20M Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre and the MRC Neuromuscular centre, both on the NHNN campus, have dedicated PhD programmes suitable for neurology trainees. The programme also supports several academic Clinical Fellow and Clinical Lecturer NIHR posts with dedicated research time built into the posts.

Our programme provides a comprehensive and stimulating training in neurology with a wealth of research opportunities and access to clinical subspecialties in depth for trainees wishing to gain additional specialist experience eg in an OOP-T. There are numerous formal teaching sessions (Grand rounds, CPCs, journal clubs and topic based lectures) as well as a vibrant programme of lecture series and seminars.

Training Programme Management Commitee (TPMC) Chair

Dr Paul Jarman

Neurology TPMC chair/TPD


Training Programme Director (TPD)

Dr Paul

Trainee Representative

Dr Stephen Keddie

Trainee rep


Training at UCLPartners (A trainee representatives perspective)

Neurology training at UCLP provides a first class and highly regarded training program to put you in excellent stead for a successful clinical or clinical academic career.

Trainees are currently based at one of three major Neurosciences centres, namely the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust or Barts Health NHS Trust. These, with their associated hospitals provide well-rounded, good volume, tertiary and DGH experience sufficient to develop your skills and experience to a high level in clinical Neurology. All sites have exposure to general, acute and tertiary Neurology in outpatient and inpatient settings. Supervision provided allows for well-supported learning environments. Training programs are accommodating of less than full-time trainees.

Currently, all centres rotate during the training program to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), which in association with UCL Institute of Neurology is a centre for excellence in Neurology as well as one of the world’s leading centres for Neuroscience research.

You will benefit from the first class academic activity carried out across UCLP at all the major Neuroscience centres. This ranges from basic science/laboratory work all the way through to highly translational research such as involvement in multi-centre randomised trials. There are myriad opportunities to undertake an MD/PhD as an out of program experience and training program directors are very supportive in this regard. Academic training programs specifically provide for this with the academic clinical fellow and clinical lecturer programs.

Overall, UCLP offers an extremely well-rounded and comprehensive general and sub-specialist Neurology training, with the opportunity to develop interests and networks in centres leading the world in this specialty.

UCLPartners Training Programmes Manager (TPM)


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Rotations & Local Education Providers (LEPs)

The rotation is arranged into 4 sectors with trainees rotating from their home sector to NHNN Queen Square for at least a year in most cases. There are training posts in the following hospitals:

Central sector:

National Hospital For Neurology and Neurosurgery

Western sector:

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (Charing Cross Hospital site) 

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (Hammersmith Hospital site)

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (St Mary’s Hospital site)

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

Eastern Sector:

Bart Health NHS Trust

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (Queen’s Hospital site)

North-Central Sector:

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Regional teaching information

A monthly regional teaching day takes place on the NHNN site. This covers the entire neurology curriculum over a 2 year cycle. Teaching days receive excellent trainee feedback.

Teaching Programme 2015 – 2016

Specialty specific research and special interest opportunities

Specialist services and trainees opportunities which are not widely available elsewhere include the following:

1. A major peripheral nerve and muscle clinical service (including a new Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre)
2. Deep Brain Stimulation
3. Neuro-oncology (including a unique to the UK multi-disciplinary Brain Tumour Unit)
4. Neuro-otology
5. Neuro-ophthalmology
6. Neurogenetics
7. Rehabilitation
8. Uro-neurology
9. Adolescent transitional clinics
10. Prion disorders clinic
11. Young onset dementia service
12. Autonomic disorders service

Out of Programme information

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