Medical Psychotherapy

Training Programme Management Commitee (TPMC) Chair

Dr Niloufar Harris

TPMC Chair and TPD (Mrs Christine Hochleitner)

Training Programme Director (TPD)

Dr Niloufar Harris (Mrs Christine Hochleitner)

Trainee Representative

Dr Victoria Barker

Trainee representative


Training at UCLPartners (A trainee representative's perspective)

UCLPartners is the lead provider for higher specialist training in medical psychotherapy in north central and east London, and the related dual training schemes of dual general adult and medical psychotherapy (five years) and forensic psychotherapy (five years).

Each rotation has it’s own educational programme and a range of posts through which trainees rotate in a manner agreed with their educational supervisor and training programme director. Whilst historically the schemes have been entirely separate, since the appointment of UCLPartners as lead provider there is increased opportunity for collaboration between schemes and trainees are encouraged to take up special interest and research opportunities including those at rotations other than their own.

As the largest training provider for medical psychotherapy in London, UCLPartners offers unrivalled specialist training opportunities and the largest peer-group of medical psychotherapy trainees and trainers (both medical and non-medical) in the country. Many trainees also value and take advantage of a number of additional opportunities that are available within London,  such as access to the seminars, workshops and world class external trainings offered at the Anna Freud Centre, the British Psychotherapy Foundation, the Institute of Group Analysis, the Institute of Psychoanalysis and the Tavistock and Portman Trust.

UCLPartners medical psychotherapy trainees are also in the favourable position of being able to take advantage, if they wish, of the established links to world renown academic institutions for psychiatric and psychotherapeutic research. Interested trainees, in consultation with their educational supervisor, may wish to pursue academic research with these institutions or study towards formal postgraduate or doctorate qualifications and training.

UCLPartners Training Programmes Manager (TPM)


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